Double-Banded Courser

Identification: The two double breast bands are very conspicuous from front. The legs and feet are greyish white. Habitat: This ... Read more

Water Thick-Knee


Identification: Pale grey panel on the folded wing, upwards delimited by white and dark. Face pattern with broad white from ... Read more

Crowned Lapwing

Identification: Crowned lapwings have sandy-brown sides of the face, neck, upper breast and upperparts. The rest of the underparts are ... Read more

Lesser Jacana

Identification: 15 cm. Brown plumage with white underparts. Habitat: Marshes, ponds, and lakes with floating aquatic vegetation. Also shallow water, ... Read more

African Jacana

Identification: Length 25-30 cm, mass 115-274 g Adult: Chestnut upperparts with black wingtips, rear neck and eyestripe White underparts Chestnut ... Read more

African Skimmer

Identification: 18cm Black back, hind neck, and crown White forehead cheeks and underparts Yellow-tipped orange beak. The lower mandible is ... Read more