Red-Headed Finch

Identification: Length 13 cm (about size of Cape sparrow); bill very heavy; tail rounded. Adult male: Whole head bright red; ... Read more

Crimson-Breasted Shrike

Identification: A striking red-and-black boubou with a white wing bar. Unmistakable within its range. Habitat: Acacia thickets and scrub in ... Read more

Golden-Breasted Bunting

Identification: 15-16cm Male: White crown Black lateral crown stripes White supercilium Black-bordered white ear coverts Orange-yellow underparts Yellow throat Whitish ... Read more

Tractrac Chat

Identification: 14-15 cm. White tail with a dark inverted “T” at the tip, black short straight bill, black legs and ... Read more

Gray’s Lark

Identification: Palest lark in the region and without any distinctive markings. A small, plain, pale lark with a fairly long, ... Read more

Violet-Backed Starling

Identification: 16cm. An unmistakable Starling Male: Iridescent metallic purple head, throat, back and tail Deep purplish blue wings White breast ... Read more

Bare-Cheeked Babbler

Identification: With 24 – 25cm a medium-sized Turdoides-babbler Mid-brown above White below Pale greyish crown Black skin on face Buffy-rufous ... Read more