Great White Pelican

Identification: A very large, white pelican with black flight feathers contrasting with white covertsin flight. Habitat: They are found in ... Read more

Squacco Heron

Identification: 40-49cm Short neck Thick dark bill, with greenish tip Pale buff-brown back, with faint violet sheen Greenish legs Summer ... Read more

Slaty Egret

Identification: 60 cm Adult Dark, slaty-blue White throat Dark reddish foreneck (only visible at close range) Greenish-yellow legs and toes ... Read more

Grey Heron

Identification: Height 90-98 cm Weight up to 2 kg Bright white crown Black line running from above and behind the ... Read more

Goliath Heron

  Identification: The largest heron with a massive, heavy bill. Chestnut head. It has blackish legs. Habitat: Slow-flowing rivers, lakes ... Read more

Glossy Ibis

Identification: Length 55-65 cm, wingspan 88-105 cm, mass 530-768 g Males larger than females Bill brownish, long, thin, and evenly ... Read more