Common Ostrich

Identification: World’s largest bird with males weighing up to 156 kg. Height 200-250cm, female shorter Long bare neck legs flesh-pink ... Read more

Lilac-Breasted Roller

Identification: 14.5 inches. Green head, greenish yellow legs. The beak is strong, arched and hooked-tipped. Brown back, shoulder of the ... Read more

Lesser Jacana

Identification: 15 cm. Brown plumage with white underparts. Habitat: Marshes, ponds, and lakes with floating aquatic vegetation. Also shallow water, ... Read more

White-Fronted Bee-Eater

Identification: Green upperparts Cinnamon underparts Black mask White forehead, Bright red throat Square tail Dark trailing edge to wings, visible ... Read more

Slaty Egret

Identification: 60 cm Adult Dark, slaty-blue White throat Dark reddish foreneck (only visible at close range) Greenish-yellow legs and toes ... Read more

African Jacana

Identification: Length 25-30 cm, mass 115-274 g Adult: Chestnut upperparts with black wingtips, rear neck and eyestripe White underparts Chestnut ... Read more

African Skimmer

Identification: 18cm Black back, hind neck, and crown White forehead cheeks and underparts Yellow-tipped orange beak. The lower mandible is ... Read more

African Barred Owlet

Identification: A small owl which reaches a maximum size of 22cm. No ear tufts. The females are larger, but otherwise ... Read more

Southern White-Faced Owl

Identification: 22-24cm. Prominent ear tufts and characteristic white face, edged with black. Upper-parts silvery-grey marked with black, underneath paler with ... Read more

Red-Headed Finch

Identification: Length 13 cm (about size of Cape sparrow); bill very heavy; tail rounded. Adult male: Whole head bright red; ... Read more