Kori Bustard

Identification: 110 cm long, 60-90cm tall Grey plumage Black crest Yellow legs Habitat: Arid grasslands, Dry open savanna, woodland and ... Read more

Secretary Bird

Identification: 4 – 5 feet long; 7-foot wingspan Multiple feathered crest Heavily scaled lower legs Habitat: Open grassland and semi-desert, ... Read more

Grey go away bird

Grey go-away-bird

Identification: Length 47-50 cm, Mass 202-340 g. Plumage is plain grey. The eye is brown and the bill, legs and ... Read more

African Scops-owl

Identification: Length 14-18 cm; mass 45-97 g. A small, heavily streaked, grey owl with ear tufts. The face is surrounded ... Read more