Great White Pelican

Identification: A very large, white pelican with black flight feathers contrasting with white covertsin flight. Habitat: They are found in ... Read more

Double-Banded Courser

Identification: The two double breast bands are very conspicuous from front. The legs and feet are greyish white. Habitat: This ... Read more

African Hoopoe

Identification: The hoopoe is 25-29cm long, with a 44-48cm wingspan. This black, white and pink bird is quite unmistakable, especially ... Read more

African Darter

  Identification: An 80 cm tall cormorant-like species with a very long neck. It has a thin white lateral neck ... Read more

Crowned Lapwing

Identification: Crowned lapwings have sandy-brown sides of the face, neck, upper breast and upperparts. The rest of the underparts are ... Read more

Grey-Backed Sparrow-Lark

Identification: The white ear patch and sandy grey back and wings are very distinctive on the male. The female has ... Read more

Common Ostrich

Identification: World’s largest bird with males weighing up to 156 kg. Height 200-250cm, female shorter Long bare neck legs flesh-pink ... Read more

Northern Black Korhaan

Identification: Length 50 cm, mass 500-952 g, males slightly larger than females. Adult male: Head black with white cheek patches ... Read more

Greater Flamingo

Identification: Length 120-145cm Wing span 140-170cm Adult: White, tinged pink Red wing coverts Black flight feathers Decurved bill with black ... Read more

Acacia Pied Barbet

Identification: Length 17-18 cm; mass 23-39 g. Adult: Head boldly marked with a red forehead, black crown, central nape, eyestripes, ... Read more