Bare-Cheeked Babbler

Bare cheecked babbler-small


With 24 – 25cm a medium-sized Turdoides-babbler
Mid-brown above
White below
Pale greyish crown
Black skin on face
Buffy-rufous nape and neck-sides
Kaokensis is paler than nominate.


Dry riverine forests and dry shrubland


Usually in parties of 4 to 8 birds.


Feeds mainly on insects and their larvae, takes also some vegetable matter.
Forages in pairs or groups (3 to 11 birds) on the ground and in low vegetation, often associating with other species.


Breeding season mainly from November to January. Co-operative breeder with up to 12 birds attending one nest. The nest is a loose bowl made with dry grass and herb stems. It’s placed around 2m high in a tree. Lays 2 to 3 eggs.


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