Golden-Breasted Bunting



White crown
Black lateral crown stripes
White supercilium
Black-bordered white ear coverts
Orange-yellow underparts
Yellow throat
Whitish lower belly
Chestnut upperparts
Grey rump
Brown wings with two white wing bars
Sexes are very similar, but females – buff tone to head, browner head stripes, and the back may have dark streaks.
Young birds are duller and paler than the females.


Dry open woodlands.


It is normally seen alone, in pairs or small groups.


A ground feeder, the diet includes seeds, insects and spiders and sometimes larger creatures when the birds have young to feed.


They build a cup nest lined with fine grass or hair low in a shrub. The 2-3 glossy, black-lined, white or cream eggs are incubated for 12-13 days; the young fledge in another 16-17 days.

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