Grey go-away-bird

Grey go away bird


Length 47-50 cm, Mass 202-340 g.
Plumage is plain grey. The eye is brown and the bill, legs and feet are black.


Woodland, savanna and in arid areas, riverine woodlands.


In pairs or small groups. Alert and inquisitive, these birds are highly vocal when alarmed; their loud, nasal kwê or kwaa often alerts other wildlife of the approach of a predator (or photographer). Agile in trees, where it forages for fruit, flowers, buds, leaves. Insects and nestlings are also eaten.


Eats mainly fruit but also flowers and invertebrates.


The nest is an simple platform of sticks in a tree, usually at a height of 3-10 m above the ground. One to four pale blue eggs are laid; the incubation period is 26-28 days.

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