Northern Black Korhaan


Length 50 cm, mass 500-952 g, males slightly larger than females.
Adult male:
Head black with white cheek patches and brown crown. Neck and under parts black; the white collar on the mantle extends to the sides of the upper breast. The back is barred black and brown. The folded wing shows a broad white lower edge; otherwise barred black and brown. In flight, the primaries show white bases. The bill is red with a grey tip; the eyes are brown with a red eye-ring; and the legs are yellow.
Adult female:
Similar to the adult male, but with a brown head, neck and breast (crown and neck barred black), and without the wite mantle collar.


Mainly grassland (with perennial grasses 0.5-1.0 m tall) with or without scattered trees. Also cultivated lands and pastures.


Mostly sedentary and usually solitary. Males display by calling in flight and on the ground.


Forages close to the ground while walking; eats invertebrates, small reptiles, seeds and fruit.


Polygynous; both males and females defends their own territories against others of their own sex. One to three eggs are laid on the ground year-round, but mainly September to March. The female incubates the eggs and cares for the young.