Southern White-Faced Owl



22-24cm. Prominent ear tufts and characteristic white face, edged with black. Upper-parts silvery-grey marked with black, underneath paler with black streaks and fine vermiculations. Orange eyes.


Thornbushes and acacia trees in savannas, open woodland, riverine woodland.


The diet includes large insects and arachnids, also mammals and birds.
It nests from May to November, in tree hole or old stick nests of other birds. 2-3 eggs are laid and incubated for 30 days. Young leave nest by 1 month and are independent by 6 weeks.


Both vertebrate and invertebrate prey.


Its call is variously described as a tremulous, two-syllable whoo-oooo, or a more dovelike coo-coo.


Monogamous. It nests in natural hollows in trees as well as stick nests built by other species.

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