World’s largest bird with males weighing up to 156 kg.
Height 200-250cm, female shorter
Long bare neck
legs flesh-pink becoming brighter during the breeding season
Brownish black with white neck collar, wings and tail
Female and Immature:


Semi-desert, arid short-grass plains and open wooded savanna.


Huge flightless bird with long, bare legs and neck. Males incubate at night and females mostly during the day.


Feeds on grasses, seeds and leaves. In dry areas succulent plants are also taken. Takes sometimes insects and small vertebrates.


Mainly silent but makes occasional hissing sounds.
Male has a deep booming during the breeding season.


The nest is a shallow scrape in the ground. Usually the major hen lays 5 to 11 eggs and 2 to 5 minor hens lay 2 to 6 eggs each in the common nest. The young form large groups which are accompanied by one or more adults for the first 9 months.

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