News and updates from the birding in Namibia

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Birding safari 10 to 23 October 2010

On 19 October 2010. Male and female Greater painted snipe seen at Omaruru sewage works as well as one African Sacred Ibis. On 20 October one African Sacred Ibis seen at Walvis Bay sewage and six Red-necked Phalaropes seen at Walvis Bay lagoons on the road towards Paaltjies. On 22 October two Herero Chats seen at the top of Bosua Pass.

Fulvous Ducks at the Uniab River Mouth

I saw two Fulvous Ducks Dendrocygna bicolor on 21 December 2009 along the Skeleton Coast at some water at the mouth of the Uniab River. Not sure if they have been recorded along the coast before. I did see two Fulvous Ducks here at the Swakopmund sewage plant during November 2007 as well. Note that Fulvous Ducks are seen in the north, but are way outside of their normal range in the Swakopmund and coastal areas. Neil MacLeod

Namibians Birding in 2010

A number of people living in Namibia have decided to do a birding big year this year. The aim is to have a bunch of people record all the birds they see for the year. It is meant in fun, basically just as a way to get back in touch with birding. They plan to post stories from their blogging experiences on this blog: Any interesting stories will be posted on this these updates as well.

Rare Birds in Namibia

According to the southern African rare bird report there is a Common Black-headed Gull at Walvis Bay and at least three Common Redshank at the Mile 4 Saltwork in Swakopmund. Source: Under the report for the 12th of October. S O U T H E R N A F R I C A N R A R E B I R D N E W S R E P O R T

Red-necked Phalaropes in Walvis Bay

It was reported in the southern African rare bird report that 23 RED-NECKED PHALAROPES had been seen in Walvis Bay in the last couple of days. These are vagrant but regular to Walvis Bay (i.e. at least a few show up each year.


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