Vultures Namibia, Lanioturdus 52.2

by Mark Boorman

Vultures Namibia maintains a comprehensive database of all vulture records involving marked birds recorded in Namibia. This includes the original metal ring fitted plus additional markings such as colour rings, engraved numbered/lettered colour rings and patagial (wing) tags.

Initially birds were fitted, apart from the metal ring, with individual combinations of colour rings but due to various factors including fading and loss of rings this system had yielded very few re-sightings. The more recent use of patagial tags has resulted in an exponential increase in re-sightings. This result has been further enhanced by the increased use of camera traps and digital photography.

Data is used to analyse survival rates, juvenile dispersal, movement patterns etc.

Reporting of tagged birds has been streamlined with a report form which can be accessed via the Vultures Namibia website https://www. and/or the Vultures Namibia Facebook page. The email address can also be used to submit records. To give reporters of tagged birds a visual representation of a bird’s recorded movement Franz Klein has developed a tailor-made mapping programme. This, together with a life history of the bird, is then sent to the reporter.