Namibia Crane News No 55 (May 2016)

Dear Crane Friends

Hope this finds you well! This issue brings you another update of crane news in Namibia.

The results for our latest wet-season count have given us a total of 16 Blue Cranes + 2 large chicks, which as expected is lower than the last dry-season counts (maximum 23 for 2015). We were able to ring both chicks, and to fit a solar leg-mounted GPS satellite tracker to one of them at Charitsaub. This is a milestone event in the life of the Namibia Crane Working Group – hats off to our excellent Team! The device has been transmitting for nearly one month, and we are waiting for the chick to fledge soon. Hopefully the results will give us an indication of where the cranes are spending their time during the dry season.

Our trusty crane supporters have kept us posted on sightings throughout the breeding season, and from this we are able to piece together a picture of crane movements. Well done and thank you for these records and for your beautiful photographs! The ring resightings are especially valuable.

Thank you all for your ongoing interest, support and concern for the conservation of our cranes and other wetland bird species. We would also like to thank all our donors for their generous contributions, in particular the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) Namibia for generous funding for the satellite tracker; and the Hessische Gesellschaft für Ornithologie und Naturschutz e.V. (HGON) in Germany and their associates, Mathias Stein and Barbara Hudec for their ongoing support, as well as Ute and Klaus Ultsch and Hildegard Becker.

Best wishes

Ann & Mike