Crowned Cormorant

Scientific Name:
Microcarbo coronatus
Sub-Saharan Africa
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About the Crowned Cormorant

(Microcarbo coronatus) is a species of bird commonly known as the Crowned Cormorant.


Crowned Cormorants are typically found along the coastal regions of southern Africa, including South Africa and Namibia. They inhabit rocky coastlines, offshore islands, estuaries, and sometimes inland waters such as lakes and rivers. These cormorants are well adapted to marine environments and are often seen foraging for fish in shallow coastal waters.


Crowned Cormorants are medium-sized cormorants, measuring approximately 65 to 80 centimeters (25 to 31 inches) in length, including their tail. They have a slender body with a long neck, a pointed bill, and relatively short legs with webbed feet. Their plumage is predominantly black with a glossy sheen, and they have a distinctive white patch on the sides of their head and neck, which gives them their name. Best Viewing The best places to view Crowned Cormorants are along the coastal regions of southern Africa where they are commonly found. Look for them on rocky shorelines, coastal cliffs, offshore islands, and estuaries, where they often gather in large colonies for breeding and roosting. These cormorants are also frequently seen perched on rocks or floating on the water's surface, drying their wings after diving for fish.