Violet Wood Hoopoe

Scientific Name:
Phoeniculus damarensis
Sub-Saharan Africa
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About the Violet Wood Hoopoe

The Violet Wood Hoopoe (Phoeniculus damarensis) is a bird species native to parts of southern Africa.


Violet Wood Hoopoes are commonly found in various habitats, including savannas, woodlands, riverine forests, and scrublands. They prefer areas with mature trees, especially those near water sources such as rivers, streams, and wetlands. These hoopoes are often seen in both natural and human-modified landscapes, including agricultural areas, parks, and gardens.


Violet Wood Hoopoes are medium-sized birds, measuring approximately 30 to 35 centimeters (12 to 14 inches) in length. They have a slender body, long tail, and distinctive curved bill adapted for probing and catching insects. Their plumage is predominantly dark purple-blue, with contrasting black and white markings on the wings and tail. They also have a prominent crest on the head. Best Viewing The best places to view Violet Wood Hoopoes are in habitats with mature trees and suitable foraging opportunities. Look for them in woodlands, riverine forests, and parks with large trees, where they can be seen probing bark and foliage for insects, spiders, and other invertebrates. These hoopoes are often observed in small family groups or pairs, moving through the canopy in search of food.