White Crowned Lapwing

Scientific Name:
Vanellus albiceps
Sub-Saharan Africa
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About the White Crowned Lapwing

The White-crowned Lapwing (Vanellus albiceps) is a species of lapwing, also known as the white-headed lapwing or white-headed plover.


White-crowned Lapwings inhabit a variety of open habitats, including grasslands, savannas, marshes, floodplains, and agricultural areas. They are often found near water sources such as rivers, lakes, and wetlands, where they can forage for insects and other invertebrates. These lapwings are commonly seen in both natural and human-altered landscapes, including farmlands, golf courses, and urban parks.


White-crowned Lapwings are medium-sized birds, measuring approximately 27 to 31 centimeters (10.6 to 12.2 inches) in length. They have a relatively slender body, long legs, and a distinctive white crown on the head, which contrasts with the black mask around the eyes. Their plumage is predominantly brown or grayish-brown, with white underparts and wings. Best Viewing The best places to view White-crowned Lapwings are in open habitats with suitable foraging opportunities and nesting sites. Look for them in grasslands, wetlands, and agricultural fields, where they can be seen foraging for insects and other prey on the ground. These lapwings are often observed in small groups or pairs, moving actively and vocalizing as they search for food.